Perforated Plasterboard Ceilings

Perforated ceilings balance aesthetics with functional acoustic excellence, making them perfect for architects, designers and builders aiming to deliver beautiful ceilings with high level acoustic features. At Melbourne Metro Plastering, we install seamlessly designed, contemporary perforation patterns that accommodate a variety of applications requiring advanced acoustic performance. We can also deliver a standard, highly economical perforated ceiling option for clients with moderate acoustic attenuation requirements.


Our perforated plasterboard ceilings will reduce echo and noise reverberation, creating a more comfortable environment. Not only this, we offer an extended range of perforated ceiling options, meaning that you can select a style to achieve the look and acoustic performance you desire. We can also supply acoustic fabric backing and insulation as part of the installation process for clients with more advanced acoustic requirements.


Perfect for offices, retail spaces, restaurants, home cinemas and studios, perforated ceilings are ideal for when sound absorption is key to creating the right ambience. If you require further information on perforated ceilings, would like to discuss your project, or would like to better understand how we can tailor a solution to meet your specific acoustic needs, please call 0416 788 006 or contact us here.