Exposed Grid Tile Ceilings

Exposed grid tile ceilings are a practical, convenient ceiling system that are a staple feature of many offices and corporate workplaces in Melbourne. Made with galvanised steel, exposed grid tile ceilings are designed to give extra layout flexibility whilst retaining the sturdiness a ceiling requires. At the same time, the polyester surface paint delivers a premium finished look to the ceiling. The system has also been engineered for fast onsite assembly, making the system a simple and a cost effective way to install a ceiling in your workspace.


Our exposed grid ceiling systems support plasterboard and acoustic ceiling tiles which come in a number of attractive finishes. The benefit of selecting acoustic tiles is that they provide enhanced soundproofing qualities by reducing echoes and dampening sound. Exposed grid tile ceilings also provide thermal insulation, improving the energy efficiency of the workspace. Tiled ceilings can be removed and reinstalled with relative ease and minimal to no damage making the system highly versatile. Damaged tiles are also easily replaced and far more cost effective than repairing damaged plasterboard ceilings.


An exposed ceiling grid provides is the ideal choice for a high quality finish to a commercial building and with an extensive variety of exposed grid styles and colours you can achieve the look and performance you want. At Melbourne Metro Plastering, we will deliver expertly designed exposed grid plasterboard tile ceilings tailored to meet your exact requirements. If you would like more information or would like to discuss your project call 0416 788 006.