Suspended Ceilings

Highly popular with commercial clients, suspended ceilings considerably impact the aesthetic appeal of all internal areas including residential, office, and retail spaces. Suspended ceilings also create a contemporary, welcoming environment for visitors whilst greatly improving the functional working space for employees by adding professional style to the area.


Complimenting the aesthetic advantages of a suspended ceiling is its ability to conceal structural framing, piping, ductwork, electrical conduit, data cabling and general clutter. Suspended ceilings also promote a safe working environment whilst effectively insulating and promoting a more energy efficient workplace.


Whilst a suspended ceiling will improve the look and feel of any building it will also offer a number of acoustic benefits, including soundproofing and the general improvement of sound quality in an area and can accommodate any specific fire rating requirements.


Adding to the popularity of suspended ceilings in offices and retail spaces are the extensive number of options available to cater for specific requirements and desired ambiences. We can install any suspended ceiling system required to ensure the finish complements the rest of the indoor area seamlessly.


Highly popular styles of suspended ceiling finishes include;



At Melbourne Metro Plastering, we deliver expertly designed suspended ceiling installations tailored to meet your exact requirements. If you would like more information on any of our suspended ceiling services or would like to discuss your project call 0416 788 006.